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In the qing dynasty is the last feudal dynasty in China, it summarizes and absorbed the traditional essence of the Chinese diet culture, the development of palace in. From the historical documents, people can see that in the qing dynasty royal dietary five features: One is the qing dynasty emperor only eat two meals a day. Board in early June began to more early, sometimes will be delayed to early at 8. Dinner at 12 o ‘clock to the afternoon at 2 o ‘clock. With the modern concept of see, it should be for lunch.

Two after dinner, if you’re hungry each with a quick snack. Second, the qing imperial cuisine is mainly composed of three kinds of local flavor and cuisine. Manchu dishes from spoil the ethnic flavor snacks, all kinds of meat and meat, food properties, dip in pickles and so on are the emperor empresses of my food; After entering the central plains, with Ming qing palace diet characteristics, dietary is given priority to with shandong cuisine gradually; In qianlong years, due to several southern China, suzhou and hangzhou dishes under appreciated and popular in the palace.

Three is the qing dynasty emperor after different dietary preferences. For example, the qianlong emperor of dietary thickness, complementary food dish, very reasonable collocation; Emperor guangxu like eating seafood dishes, raw materials such as shark’s fin, sea cucumber, jellyfish, kelp meal cooked dishes; She loves eating dishes are roast pork skin, stewed duck and duck palm to offer them, watermelon, etc., also like eating small steamed corn-bread and Fried snacks such as triangle; Puyi interested for western food, in the Forbidden City set up western kitchen. Four various is a qing dynasty palace of the feast, in the year to the end of the year.

In addition to the New Year’s day, the flower drum (the emperor’s birthday), winter solstice festival feast, and celebrate in a triumphant victory banquet, netting thousand feast of his subjects, the emperor wedding banquet, the princess married, entertain gong to north Korean envoys and Tibet, and Mongolia maharaja’s New Year’s eve feast, queen st birthday feast, empress and consent, the concubines are the banquet, prince huang sun into a wedding banquet, imperial clan family dinner. In addition to various festive feast, etc. Fifth, pay attention to preserve one’s health insurance health, the pursuit of immortality.

Emperor qianlong often take longevity peace spring liquor, wine, loose age spleen zi kidney top wine, old age also ate the “eight Jane cake”. Began after ruyi immortality drink empress dowager cixi middle-aged, this wine in addition to the wind qushi, food thirst, dredge veins, strong muscle strong bone, is the health care market.

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